OMG! .... really ill in the head hahaha (against 2 liters of piss drunk) (LeaSchwarz)

My friend and I celebrated with my friend in the beer garden;) The beer flowed. At home arrived gings immediately further ... Beer, beer, beer ... My girlfriend then asked how our piss tastes now? ... I quickly said my friend should piss me in the mouth and you should film it;) haha ??the Looked at me disbelieving "... you would never make Lea" ... she was wrong ... my friend pissed me definitely against 2 liters into the mouth .... while pissing he used my Maulfotze as ashtray ... hahaha .... really ill in the head hahaha

Starring: LeaSchwarz
Categories: Extreme Hardcore, Golden Showers, Teens
Length: 3:23
Type: FLV


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