Hardcore fetish Date perverse with uncle (Lana-Giselle)


For my uncle I'm still his little princess. He photographed very much and asked me to shoot me at some nice pictures. I should me pretty slutty high heels and sexy lingerie wear for the shoot. And when it goes off, he suddenly grabs the video camera and begins to play with my legs and feet and put his cock in between and rub, uuuh that was kind of exciting !! Believe I've got a new fetish for me discovered hihi;) Having worked intensively on my heels and feet, there was a REAL Depp Throat to the stop !! Hab barely get air and my face was upside down full of spit ... and then the Doggy-finals came with mega cumshot ... wherever you see then also !! Instead Photos my uncle now has indeed made a video of his fuck-princess but that's even better right? ;)

Starring: Lana-Giselle
Categories: Deep Throat, Extreme Hardcore, Foot Fetish
Length: 6:54
Type: FLV


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