Mamas New tested without contraception! (Young-Devotion)

I admit that I listened to the night bedroom door and listened to how loudly groaned there. I was then always moist and made it myself. But that day everything was different. I came out of my room and Frank was sitting on the sofa in his underwear. I asked him why he is not working. He said he had suddenly got free. I was immediately wet at the thought of his cock! I knelt before him and asked if I liked him. He said yes. I began to turn him on, placing myself on his lap and moving my hip back and forth. Then he began to do it. He could not help it! Mom was not home anyway. So I sat on his excited tail and rode him until I came. Then he fucked me in hot positions to further orgasms! I enjoyed his cock very much. He rewarded me with his cream in my face and mouth. Of course I swallowed ... would you have done with it?

Starring: Young-Devotion
Categories: Clothing, Facials, Teens
Length: 9:26
Type: FLV


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