Mom's friend is a spanner ..! (Lollipopo69)

Just wanted to make me ready for the work .... after the shower I have my bare pussy and my tits creamed. But since this sound haha ??I thought .. who was that? ... There was actually the new friend of my mum in the boxershort and stretched me, .. he wiggled his big cock, such a pig! When I spoke to him and threatened to betray my mum, he was even hornier. And began to bother me .. I did not want anything from that! When he touched my pussy forbidden way, he realized that I was totally wet .. This he immediately took advantage of and pushed his thick part without rubber into me !! After a couple of bumps, I was already coming. What he then asked of me, does not believe me?

Starring: Lollipopo69
Categories: Big Dick, Blowjobs, Extreme Hardcore
Length: 6:24
Type: FLV


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