Injected in 90 seconds! (Dirty-Tina)

This mdh user with whom I had arranged had probably been quite under pressure. He whispered to me already at the blow to that I should make slowly because otherwise he cums. So I did very carefully so we could have a little fun. When I wanted to fuck him then and rubbed him my pussy over the cock would have almost come. So quickly put on his tail and ridden him. But then I realized already how hard he was and shortly before exploding. He then took me doggy briefly and then it happened. He smells his whole load on my ass and my body. But I was not satisfied yet. So he could still lick my cuddly MILF pussy to orgasm. Then your Tina was satisfied!

Starring: Dirty-Tina
Categories: Close Ups, Cunnilingus, MILF/Mature
Length: 5:32
Type: FLV


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