Pregnant? AO pureeingpritzt! (LadyKinkyCat)

He always comes to visit when my husband is at work. It's been a while since my old age at home just does not do it anymore. And since I actually need the sex every day, I've got one or two lovers. And of course everything is always safe, because I do not want to get pregnant. Only today everything went so wrong. We both had a great time on a hot fuck and what does the guy do. I push the rubber in his hand and he just bangs me unsolicited by blank. Yes, yes I do not inject. Because of that, he was so horny that he vollgerotzt me the pussy with his sperm. And now? I'm pregnant now, I'm not taking the pill right now. Shit, how am I supposed to explain that to my old man?

Starring: LadyKinkyCat
Categories: Blowjobs, Close Ups, Creampie
Length: 6:43
Type: FLV


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