THE FIRST TIME POV! Teen Girlfriend Sex (Tammy-Lynn)

I lay naked on my bed and had played around after showering, when my roommate suddenly asked me if he should help me ... I was a little surprised already. He had been watching me for a while and I know he's on me. "Why not?" I thought to myself! He was mega affectionate to me and so I immediately wanted to take his cock in the mouth. The filming of POV already looks kind of hellishly sharp, right? ;) He is indeed on my full lips and how they tightly and warmly surround his cock. Then he wanted me to ride him off before he got me missionary beautiful. It has really gespibbelt all over his body when he finally gave me his sperm after a hot fuck ...

Starring: Tammy-Lynn
Categories: Blondes, POV, Teens
Length: 6:38
Type: FLV


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