Room service! AO-Fick included! (LadyKinkyCat)

Of course the guy had already noticed me at check-in. Exactly my collar size I thought. And exactly the right one for my wellness day. So I ordered the room service, in the hope that exactly ER brings me the champagne in my room. Disgusting I lie in bed and quickly I have him exactly where I wanted in. He reaches out to me his magnificent cock and I blow him deep and tight. Then I want to feel it. But blank! He puts his cock in my soaking wet pussy and takes me horny. You can see we run out of pussy juice with lust. Oh man, I was so keen on his fat Prengel. For the final he spits me horny his juice in my wide open mouth. Perfect room service.

Starring: LadyKinkyCat
Categories: Big Dick, Blowjobs, Facials
Length: 11:29
Type: FLV


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