Reunion with Toy Boy 20x6 - LOUD (nightkiss66)

Many have already been waiting for me to meet him again. I did that and we were looking forward to it! But since it was a while ago, our reunion was extremely intense! When blowing his violent beat I barely held it out and wanted to finally feel his 20x6 deep and intense in me! You do not believe how hardcore he fucked me! Attention it gets very loud! He drove me from one orgasm to the next with his hard-core stand! I did not know what was in front and behind! Until he finally could not stand it anymore and of course I had him injected! You are curious what else happened? Then check out this clip! I'm looking forward to your comment!

Starring: nightkiss66
Categories: Big Dick, Close Ups, Extreme Hardcore
Length: 7:47
Type: FLV


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