Wife demonstrated and used hard! AO (KissiKissi)


Actually I am the perfect wife: a whore in bed and a good, decent girl in public! I willingly make my legs wide for my husband and let me fuck in all positions, but sometimes that's not enough for me and then I'm looking for a hard foreign cock, which fucks me right times! Unfortunately, my husband found out and was pretty angry! To punish me, he ordered a engraver home, told me to wear a slutty outfit and present myself! He gave instructions on how I had to show my tits and my cunt, I had to show me like a cheap slut and then even as a Fickschlitten of the guy fingering! That was really mean, but I could not hide that my pussy was getting wet! I had to mercilessly doggy fuck - of course without a condom! - and after the guy d had hosed and I thought that was it, my husband had a nasty idea .... what do you say about that ??? Would you have punished me as well?

Starring: KissiKissi
Categories: Big Tits, Creampie, High Heels
Length: 7:11
Type: FLV


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