Am I a bitch ???? (KissiKissi)

Now and then I help out in a household to earn a few euros, but the work is slowly growing over my head! Washing, ironing and cooking are hard to do, as was the case last week, when I did not finish the meal on time! That's why the landlord actually wanted to quit my job, the lousy pig, where I desperately need the job! I had to come up with something urgent and thank God I wore high-heels, stockings and a super-short mini on this day! I sat down on the sideboard, pulled up the skirt, spread his legs to reveal the view of my juicy cunt and waited for what would happen ... Would he get involved in my "immoral offer" and I could keep my job so , or would he just throw me out ... ???? What do you

Starring: KissiKissi
Categories: Big Tits, Blondes, High Heels
Length: 4:34
Type: FLV


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