Father of my girlfriend the double splash (Lollipopo69)


When I was visiting my best friend her dad came from work and lay down on the balcony .... when I saw him lying there naked and he wanked his cock, I could hardly believe .. so full of blatant lay he naked there .. I did not know that, although at any time his stepdaughter or I could watch him doing so. My girlfriend told me that he always does ... Such a pervert .. I show it .. My girlfriend wanted to stop me, but then I went to the balcony and watched as he wixte his cunt, then I went out ... he coolly come here and stuffs the pipe in my mouth, his stepdaughter watching us out of the window, which made me even hornier. Then he wanted to fuck me on the balcony ... then it started really brutal he pounded me his thick cock from behind ..... when the door opened a crack and I saw how my friend Amelie pussy masturbates .. I was even hornier .. her dad squirted off. When I wanted to go he said moment young lady we are not ready yet .. then the fucking started again. Maybe next time we'll do a hot threesome with Amelie.

Starring: Lollipopo69
Categories: Blowjobs, Double Penetration, Teens
Length: 8:05
Type: FLV


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