The first moi Gfistet - How far did he get in? (Gymbunny)

My first time fisting ... Oh my god I was so scared but I dare ... I had already tried myself a few times before with my hand and with my Fist dildo but I'm never really far come. But now I have dared ... How he was pleased when I asked him if he would like to fist me: D .... He was really cool on it and me too and so I made my pussy really horny first wet and then I let him hand ... How far he has come in well? You have to find out in the video already;) Are you curious if it made me so horny that I came? Well then I wish you a lot of fun finding out ... and do not forget to leave your reviews for more videos of me ...

Starring: Gymbunny
Categories: Fetish, Fisting, Pussy
Length: 7:58
Type: FLV


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