The official video for TV Show - My first sex with a woman (Lia-Lion)

Anne and I are very curious sitting on the couch, the television team is about to get together. Again and again we assure ourselves that we can do it. I'm not totally inexperienced in women, but I'm pretty sure I'll go much further with Anne today. It rings and everyone enters their small apartment. "Those are a damn lot, if I get them to join in?" I think. Slowly I am a little nervous. As the cameras are pointed at us, we start to see people walking around trying to pick us up at the perfect angle. It is talked and discussed and we, intertwined, in the middle. Finally, everyone wants to take a short break, only Anne, me and a friend who accompanies us with the camera, stay in their now very hot, small living and working room back. I close the door and go to the couch where Anne looks at me shyly. The whole accumulated energy and lust can finally get out! Quite undisturbed, we finish what we started before all and it was just incredibly terrific!

Starring: Lia-Lion
Categories: Booty, Lesbian, Teens
Length: 4:33
Type: FLV


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