Lesbian escalation on Venus with Lia Lion and Jenny Stella in front of over 200 fans! (Jenny_Stella)


We came across over 200 fans! Absolute premiere, my first time live sex in front of a huge group of men. They touched us, cheered us on, it was a group ectasis! That was my blatant experience of what I have had in my life so far. We rubbed our pussies together, kissed us passionately, fingered, licked and brought to orgasm with toys that I also got an orgasm while doing so, was due to Lia. She made me so horny and licked so horny, fingered and it worried me with the toy that I could not help but come. Before, I could already see how Lia had come. I fingered her wet pussy so hard and licked, then worked with the toy that she had to come really cool. A mega-awesome experience and I would do it again. What do you think? Was it cool?

Starring: Jenny_Stella
Categories: Lesbian, Public, Teens
Length: 7:37
Type: FLV


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