My Cockold User injected last, and is grateful that I was fucked !!!! (Anja-Willes)

A loyal user absolutely wanted to watch a shoot and I let him be my cockie, which he likes very much as well as I. In front of his eyes I opened my legs wide for a strange man. He pushes me down and and sticks his strange thick cock in my mouth until the stop! I suck it and enjoy it as he does it to me. Without rubber I let him fuck me. After I rode his cock, he stuffed his load deep into my mouth. When he turns away from me, my Cockold man comes out of his corner behind the thrust, and injects a small charge in my face. Then he went to my partner rotation and thanked him. I love a cockold relationship. I would be happy with a Cockie husband everywhere. Where are you my dream man ????

Starring: Anja-Willes
Categories: Big Dick, Blowjobs, Facials
Length: 10:53
Type: FLV


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