My first time outdoor! (Fiona-Fuchs)

That's really never happened to me! I walk in the woods and notice someone approaching from behind. He is much faster than me on the road. When he overtakes me, I greet him kindly and do not think about it. Instead of going on, he turns around and shows me his cock! I'm so irritated that I can not help but say something stupid that seems funny to me at the moment ... Typically ... I was secretly hoping for such an offer from nowhere. Today is my lucky day! So I accept the invitation and kneel in front of him. I just blow his already unpacked cock in the middle of a forest path! Luckily we see other pedestrians early enough and can hide deeper in the forest where I want to finish what I started ..

Starring: Fiona-Fuchs
Categories: POV, Public, Teens
Length: 7:48
Type: FLV


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