a freak turns free (freakart)


The world is as it is ... sometimes you can change it a bit ... or just change it for yourself ... I started my video and did not really have a plan what to do ... but I had incredible desire to wet my pants ... then it grabbed me ... I turn off ... let me drift, even if I do not know where to go ... then the pants are dirty .. very dirty ... my champagne pulls the dirt almost;) then I finished my video ... the weather has changed abruptly ... I just had to continue ... everything is wet ... in the end is my naked body in the landscape to see ... I'm not even jealous of my camera, because it is in the car, so they do not get wet;) okay, I have virtually betrayed everything and yet did not say much: P :) I turn freely;)

Starring: freakart
Categories: Clothing, Fetish, Golden Showers
Length: 15:47
Type: FLV


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