One of my older babies! (LovlyLuna)

This is one of my older videos. Still quite inexperienced and young but still passionate and seductive, I was then! You see a very sensual and horny handjob with a lot of lubricant. I love to feel like your little cock in my hand starts to move, wriggle and slowly swell! I keep moving my hand up and down, and your penis gets harder and bigger the farther I go. Your desire is increasing! You can admire it all the time my round, tight butt in a very nice Högs. Now you are allowed to fuck me too. In the Doggyposition where my horny ass comes to its best! Again and again you push hard and hear after every thrust a sensual, animal sound of pleasure come from me. My tight pussy wraps around your hard cock and see my intimate piercing repeatedly flashing. When you come to the end you inject me your juice on my beautiful ass and then distribute it a bit. I'm sure this video will give you a lot of fun! Have fun - your Luna

Starring: LovlyLuna
Categories: Foot Fetish, Piercings, Teens
Length: 6:01
Type: FLV


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