Anal Leather-Fuckslut! Full Throttle pounded in the ass!!! (Laila-Banx)

I was alone with my stepbrother and we were both pretty horny. I know that he has been dreaming about fucking me in the ass for a long time and today I was really horny for anal. I took his cock out of his pants and took the thick strap in my mouth. Blown him wet, I opened my leggings and held out my tight rosette. He put on the hard strap and drilled it deep in my ass. I was totally scared how thick and hard his cock feels in my asshole. Again and again he fucked with hard thrusts in my tight asshole. He slammed his cock completely in my ass and I was getting even more horny. Then I sat down on him and rode off his cock with my wet-fucked asshole. Then he climbed me again from behind and rammed my butt again so deep that his balls slapped against my cunt. I got a really intense anal orgasm. Then I knelt in front of him and he jerked me a huge load of cum in the face.

Starring: Laila-Banx
Categories: Anal, Facials, Latex/Leather
Length: 6:06
Type: FLV


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