Door 1 - jacking for the company Part 1 (Miss-Doertie)

In the course of the new team building measures, we came to the following conclusion: We can only employ men who are ready in the truest sense of the word to down the pants and do NACKT. InTEAMITY is the keyword. I want to see your cock. Now and today! Anyone who is not here today must say bye bye to our holding company. Nice that you are ready and ready to implement it immediately. What I did not expect as a boss, is that your cock is such a gem! My respect is already safe! Now show me how you jerk off, and I'll tell you who you are! I experience more than you can imagine. You are tempting me, though. Just keep going and let me give you some tips. You seem to be an efficient wanker, which speaks for you. But, if there was not a catch, it would be a bit too easy, because in my company it is also about "perseverance" ... Now I'm curious how you deal with emerging disappointment or even frustration ...

Starring: Miss-Doertie
Categories: Dirty-Talk, Role play
Length: 5:04
Type: FLV


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