The fast fucker from the dirt road stops for me (Fiona-Fuchs)

While I wait for my date along the way, I regret not having put on a warmer jacket. The denim jacket was a user request that I wanted to fulfill before it gets really cold. Under the jacket I have only a white top. Since I do not wear a bra, my nipples are beautiful. At last he arrives and lets the window down. I rub his nose, how cold it is to me and that he is to blame. As punishment, I want to bring him quickly to come, because I know how embarrassing it is. I do not put a lot of strain on him and show him what he has been looking forward to for so long. I'll get that charge!

Starring: Fiona-Fuchs
Categories: Blondes, Outdoor Sex, Teens
Length: 5:37
Type: FLV


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