My 1st time with a woman! Fiona is incredible! (LiahLou)

Oh my God, I can not really put my own feelings into words. Fiona Fuchs and I have already approached sexually, but until now there was never a camera with us. Since we both are active here and that was a new experience with a woman for them, we thought, we'll do it just once in front of the camera. We often spend weekends together and enjoy the time as much as possible, including a shared relaxing bath. We are so attracted to each other that we can not stay away from each other for a long time, kissing and caressing ourselves sensually until Fiona pushes her hand between my legs and brings me to climax, because she knows exactly what feels good to me. I feel so well and secure with her that I forget everything around me and just let me go. Of course we also filmed how to get Fiona to come. However, you can find this part of the video on Fiona-Fuchs' profile. I really hope you like it. Please leave your feedback and rate and comment on the video

Starring: LiahLou
Categories: Big Tits, Lesbian, Teens
Length: 8:21
Type: FLV


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