Door 19 - The Experiment! (Miss-Doertie)

Nice that I was allowed to visit you - you have that really nice! We're doing something you've never done before - I promised you that! It will definitely be exciting. The important thing is that you get involved and see what happens to you! You really do what you would never do today. Maybe you feel weird - wait and be open! This video is really for EVERYONE - even for men without fetish background! I've always found experiments exciting and I look forward to your report! If you're not in a relationship, it's the same with any other female wardrobe, and maybe even more exciting. I can not and will not reveal more here - I do not always want to see my good ideas copied cheaply somewhere ;-)

Starring: Miss-Doertie
Categories: Dirty-Talk, POV, Role play
Length: 7:14
Type: FLV


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