Was i so angry - mega FACIAL SEASON after a hard fuck! (EmelieMai)


Today has been such an incredibly long day for me. As soon as I'm home, I jump into the bathtub and let myself go. Dry off so quickly and off to bed - I thought! My roommate is actually already back in my bed. I was looking forward to the bed, but a nice little fuck doesn't hurt before. Well from "beautiful" was unfortunately harder than I could have imagined. Usually he is more of a softie but this time he gave it to me properly! He pulls on my hair, hits me on the butt, in the face and begins to choke me. WOW! I never thought that I would get so wet! He keeps going, faster and faster and chokes me more and more until I can't breathe and almost cry! For my good stamina I get a safe MEGALADUNG sprayed on my face at the end! WOW!

Starring: EmelieMai
Categories: Facials, POV, Teens
Length: 9:28
Type: FLV


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