TAIL EXPLOSION !! - I blow until your dick glows! POV (TinyEmily)


Let yourself be pampered by me! I take your cock deep in my mouth. Suck and play around your acorn. Mmhhh, I'm getting faster and more greedy. Cum with your hand still nice with ... I want your juice! Your cock is getting harder, is twitching. Your hot cum is already boiling in your eggs. You want to wank me nice. I'll suck it out for you! You can't take it anymore and your juice squirts like a fountain. So cool! I suck you down to the last drop. Oooh yes, such a great load. What do you want to do to me next?

Starring: TinyEmily
Categories: Blowjobs, POV, Teens
Length: 4:43
Type: FLV


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