Extremely cool quickie! (LovlyLuna)


We start fucking in the spoon position! Because I'm still dating, it's just supposed to be a quickie. You see the hard cock penetrate my tight, juicy pussy and how my labia contract around the tail! My piercing and my shaved triangle look much more mature than my young, petite body and the sweet, innocent face while my mouth is slightly distorted when I moan louder because a harder blow comes! I caress my clit while I'm getting fucked and get more and more ecstatic! Now I can be taken from behind and first you can see everything from the side. Then we switch to POV and you can enjoy it and slide the penis into my mumu, which already pumps out white foam because my tight pussy has let him squirt a little! When he comes completely and has injected into me, I turn on my back and squeeze the huge amount of sperm that was foamy "beaten" from my pussy! I spread it and gently suck the juice off my fingers! Enjoy the video! :) - Your Luna

Starring: LovlyLuna
Categories: Booty, Creampie, Teens
Length: 7:20
Type: FLV


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