Quickie after the sauna - I could have shouted everything before GEILHEIT! * _ * (BunnyDiamond)


I was in the sauna again yesterday, but this time alone, none of my friends wanted to come along ..? When I was sitting in the sauna, I met a nice man with whom I then got into conversation. When the 10 minutes were in the sauna, I went to take a shower and then wanted to disappear into the locker room. Suddenly the man came after me, grabbed my hip, pushed myself into a locker room and started kissing me ... OMG! I will NEVER forget this Quckie, I could have shouted the whole spa together with lust! * - *

Starring: BunnyDiamond
Categories: Masturbation, POV, Public
Length: 3:50
Type: FLV


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