I have already experienced a lot, but never before ... I just wanted to jog so that I could clear my head and be a bit close to nature. I have my usual round where I have my peace, but today everything was different. I thought I was undisturbed and can stretch my legs a bit, because it's still a long way to go home. But I was probably neither alone nor undisturbed. That was so cheeky to watch me, but then I simply turned the tables, hihii ... I showed the guy really how it works ...

Even on vacation I just could not leave it ... hihiii. I was so wet and horny the whole time that I just could not hold back anymore. But what if I get caught and maybe even thrown out of the hotel? Oh, I need it so much! Because the first days are over and I finally want to stroke me again, touch and feel this lust. But how do I do that without being seen ... there is so much going on here. But the desire is increasing more and more. I searched the whole hotel and finally found a quieter place, I had to use this opportunity ... hihiii.

I hope I was not too wild, but I just could not suppress my lust ... and then came the sperm ... oh dear. Finally I'm back home and I can let my lust for sex free rein. I have never been so horny! I miss the feeling to have a cock in my freshly shaved and wet pussy, because my roommate must serve now ... hihii. If he wants or not! I put on something extra nice, this great feeling on the skin. But I did not have to do much persuasion. Apparently, not only did I have a craving for sex and of course I have to take advantage of that now. Oh, I hope everything went well, I did not think, I just wanted to put it in and get started ... if he was out fast enough?

Oh my, I just did that, I did not think about it at first and I was sure ... I bet that I could not masturbate for three days, no big deal, I thought, but I was probably too weak or maybe just too cool ... hihiii. I just love too much to pamper myself and cum as well as to give it up. Lost bet and as discussed I have made me pretty and put on the collar ... what will expect me now? Oh god, I've never done anything like that ... I'm so unsure right now, hopefully it'll be awesome. The thought of not knowing what is happening now makes me nervous and I can make friends with it ... hihiii I want it going now!

Oh dear, if I had paid attention to the clock, then I would not have missed the last bus ... I do not even have my jacket and with the high shoes to run home that would be far too far. I hope someone helps and I arrive home safely. I've never hitchhiked, ohhh hopefully nothing will happen to me. I'm already nervous and excited, but somehow a bit cool, is already exciting, if you could meet so everything and what will I expect? ... but somehow nobody wants to stop and slowly it is quite fresh, I have It seems to me quite different, especially it will soon be dark and I'm sitting here for a while already. But then finally stops a car that has even recognized me, so I did not expect at this moment. But I can use that for me to have some fun. Then the whole wait was not in vain ... hihii.

It started with the lips, the feet, sex and ends in a squirt shower with two orgasms. Did I go too far? ... Oh dear, I just did that, but that was definitely not the plan, but I just could not hold myself back. Since I came, regardless of losses and my roommate got everything ... hihiii. But I was already so horny the whole day and when it finally went to the live cam, I just wanted sex, I wanted to share everything with you, but at the end then my whole bed was wet and moist from top to bottom. Oh yeah, that was a damn horny cam show ... hihiii.

Something has not happened to me and so I went into the shower without any idea, without completing the door, as usual hihii. I could not know that I would watch and that even from my own stepbrother, how outrageous ... but secretly I had this fantasy a few times, hihiii. Now he stands there, completely naked and with a hard cock. I can not just let it pass, watching me here, the brazen tensioner so I pull him in the shower. There I show him something bold! Was it right to go? I do not know, but when his cream was in my face I knew it was worth it! I just hope that nobody noticed. That's our secret now, and I mean, it stays in the family ...

Today I'm so horny all day ... I woke up and had a direct desire for sex. Therefore, it did not take long until I had my phone in my hand and made me a sex date, hihii. So I quickly jumped in the shower and freshened up. Already in the shower I could barely keep my hands off me. So quickly became the shower head a sex toy, hihii. Only the pretty underwear pulled over it and it rings already on the door ... I can not wait and right when he had entered the apartment, his pants were already on the floor. We have not even made it to my bed and apparently I was so wild that he could not stand it long. Upsii! That was an unexpected end ...

Oh, how embarrassing was that ... that's never happened to me. Hihii, but luckily I did not hurt myself too much so that we could finish what we had started. It was basically everything else, I really felt like it and was already in my bed the whole morning and played around with me. Until I grabbed my cell phone and asked a good friend to come here ... hihii, I just said I needed his help very badly. A few minutes later he was already with me. I could barely pull myself together and pulled him right in my bed ... oh, I wanted to work him really horny ... until it came to an accident!

Today, in my own way, I show what I think about coal power. But I have specially arranged the largest lignite mine Hambach, for a horny fuck date and to make my own impression ... I'm the whole morning already very excited and nervous, especially what if someone caught us. But then it rings already at the door and the ride can start. Thousands of fantasies are playing out in my head and after a few minutes' drive we finally reach our destination. But I have to say that the first thing that came to my mind was ... Oh Fuck! That's really huge. Sad what we do to nature. How much damage we inflict even though there are so many alternatives. And suddenly I did not care that the workers could have seen us, I just wanted to fuck right on the spot!