Having my own psychological , I’m of course only taking on the hardest sexual cases! If it someone is a nympho, has crazy fetishes, or as in this case cannot cum from a - I “take“ them all! Mr. Vollig came to me with a problem: He simply can’t cum from a blowjob :O! We have to change this! But after 2 years of and still no change, there was only one other way: I had to do it myself! What do you think, did he made it??

Now he sprayed me through the hollow dilator into my bladder! Uh, that burns :-( And then he fucks even my piss hole with the part, while the urine water mixture cheerfully rausteropftft! Finally, he freed me and I may for a change once again normal piss, which means here normal "I have to make a mess in front of his eyes and get rid of everything!

I'm trapped in dresses and nylons in the recliner! The master is working on my pussy with a massage and rips my pantyhose :-( Now he has what particularly violent with with: before he opens my hole with a speculum and fucks my piss hole with a hollow dilator, because my natural sekt just goes out without it I could control something ...

Today I invited a new slave to my studio. The slave had never had a urethral stretching and wanted to try it with me for the first time. I also knew he was on latex. That's why I put on my latex nurse outfit. ;-) He was really horny through my special urethral stretching. But he was allowed to cum at the end of my treatment. :-D want you from me a really horny urethra stretching?

The friend of my favorite patient had called me to come quickly, her friend was not doing well. She thought of his heart, but I knew immediately what was missing. He had not had much sex for too long, well, no wonder with the girlfriend. But as a nurse I know immediately for advice and above all remedy. I grabbed the tail of my favorite patient for the first time and let him a horny treatment, which showed him clearly and audibly well. In the end even the neighbors knew that he was doing very well again, and he did not let his freunin disturb him either, hihihi.