And in the doggy position! Yes, the trip to Iserlohn is not that long, but you know, I always drink a lot and so the bubble was pretty well filled. YES, I would have made it to the stadium now, but the toilets are not always there so gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanz clean ... Well ???? In any case, my friend had to do it myself, so I put the camera on the floor, so you see it from a slight angle from below perspective, I hope you like it and I look forward to your feedback! Kussi Luisa

After all the unistress I wanted to enjoy a nice day on the Baltic Sea. As is sometimes the case in life, it was already over with the nice weather - but I will not spoil my mood. So I lie down relaxed on the beach, it was beautiful thank God anyway, but unfortunately I did not pay attention on the way to my place where the nearest toilet is. Of course I did not even notice that when I needed to go to the bathroom - and that was pretty urgent ...

FINALLY, the wait had an END! Such a normal day can also end with a hammer surprise ass fuck: D. I ride him his hot cock and that ANAL! Yes exactly! Sometimes I just need it hard in the ass! My lust is sooo great that I just sat down on him and ride him HEFTIG! Until I have a really hot anal orgasm! I thought it was really cool, he too, and we wish you a lot of fun splashing !!

This is such a typical Luisa clip: D. I was at home, planned the clip and had a good deal of drinking to overflow the measuring cup. When my girlfriend called ... of course we had to meet IMMEDIATELY. I did not want to "throw away" the progress, so just before I was with her, I peeled in and unfortunately around the measuring cup. My bladder was SO FULL that I could not control it with the best will! cup