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Although I rarely have (;)) a morning latte and yet I know the feeling just too well: You wake up in the morning and is just awesome! Do you feel the same? Your cock is almost a piss rod and still the lust is so extreme? You slide between your warm legs, want to absorbense urgently ... The old one next to you is a ******** pill and you would like to put your morning-hard cock in her tight cunt or just just spit on the tits ... Does not stop. That's why you have to do it yourself. I'll help you with that and I'll get the heat out of your balls even before your day starts! And believe me: This is better than fucking!

Well that was a debut on the first day in my new work, I was with my boss a smoke. I am very glad that he is so open and despite my hobby here on MDH has adjusted. But what I did not know how open he is, he has perhaps set me exactly because of my hobby ???? Well, I immediately noticed how he turned me on nicely in the smoker's break. Well, why not flirt a little. But that he really goes so far and brings out his cock I would not have thought but ok why not ... .......

Today I have a very special outfit. A dear user has sent it to me and of course I have to try it on directly. I like it very much and I would like to initiate it immediately and let me fuck it! The thought of it makes me totally cool .. I hope my roommate like it so well! So I put on the outfit for him and wait for him on the sofa to finally get home from work. When he opens the door, he does not know what's going on. "Oh wow, that looks hot, do you want to be in the outfit now?" I tell him that I will definitely do that, but that I would like to initiate with him beforehand. "Do you like it?" I ask right now, as he already takes off his pants and pushes me his hard cock deep in the mouth. Ok..that is clear enough, apparently he likes it;)

I could bring the tail to a halt. The easiest was, once I take over the controls and the tail pretty hard hard - hopefully, but it remains hard. So first hurdle done and I got me a hot orgasm. But then stepbrother was once to show if he can do it already? Have him nicely offered my pussy in doggy. Well, if he already knows it so well? Or does he spray at the doggy? The suspicion that he has come in Doggy, I still have. Look, was that the drop of air or did he spray into the condom? Finally, I have him but then milked nice and hard with his mouth and him pretty deviated. He should come again;) Well, how about us?

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