I was back on a shopping trip on a sunny day, everything was great, until my bus back home failed or just did not come. Now I sat there in the pampa, cell phone battery empty, so I could not even call a taxi. Somewhat frustrated, I wondered what to do when a guy stopped next to me and asked if he could take me with them. Usually I do not do that, but in times of trouble the devil eats flies. The guy was pretty nice, only when he was constantly staring at my tits while driving, I advised him to stop somewhere if he wants to look at me. So we stopped in a quiet corner and I showed him some things. Was so horny that I wanted to see something from him. I unpacked him and I liked what I saw, so I allowed him to pass me through decent nature. Both he and I got our money. Then I arrived home well, looked a little fucked, but happy. Would you have driven me home Sweet? Kiss, sari.

With the hot temperatures of the last weeks, there is nothing better than cooling off the heated body in the outdoor pool. Do it on top without and where possible completely naked. The downside is that it attracts tensioners like the flies. In this case, I was dealing with a particularly stubborn guy, he was whipping around all the time, and he was not going to get rid of it. The absolute coronation was that he actually followed me home. When I was in the evening in front of the cam and sent, but suddenly it is in my patio door. What do you do with a guy like that? You can see the answer here. Kiss sari

My first toy slave turned out to be pretty talented, so I was able to let him get a bit closer to me and used him as my personal lick slave. Again, he proves talent, as you can see in the video quite well. Because of that, he also deserved a reward. Let yourself be surprised. Think I'll make a real strapon session with him in the near future, let's see how resilient he is with it !? I am always open for suggestions, so write to Süsser! Kiss, sari

With my numerous acquaintances, the topic always comes up, whether one can not dominate by me. Men with submissive inclinations will probably find that I give a very good mistress. Over time, the thought made me very curious, so I ordered a slave to the hotel. What can I say, this little maggot actually comes too late at the first meeting with the mistress. I was slightly pissed, what the slave contender was also felt in the late arrival. Nonetheless, I wanted to try it. He had to show me his "display" before I used his face as a pillow. Also comes in the first part of a facial dildo used. But see for yourself what I have tried as the dominant mistress in my first steps. I am always open for new suggestions, so tell me what you would like! I'm curious. Kiss, sari.

After a lot of inquiries, I was persuaded to take a userdate and made a date with the guy, to whom he also appeared punctually. But that was the only thing that was kept to his promises. Because what should I tell you, the guy comes to a Fickdate and forgets his crossbar. In short, he did not get high. But I was so in heat that I said this pipe he should like to come up with something as he can get it decently, "tool" I have enough in the house, if you know what I mean. And despite the initial disappointment, the guy has turned out still quite useable, has used my toy quite properly and I've even come really hard! How would the date have gone with you? Kiss, sari.

Stayed for a nice wellness day in a hotel just to relax in their spa. However, when I looked in my suitcase for suitable things for the spa, I found that I only had my new bikini. I suddenly found it a bit too sexy, so I called the receptionist to send me a spam worker and ask him if the outfit was ok. This was also prompt and was a little disturbed by my sight, but then gave the green light for my presentation. When I saw that he was embarrassed and pretty cute, I boldly got on my knees and freed him from his pants. What should I tell you, he was not so untalented, has pushed his cock in and finally pumped his whole load on pussy and ass! Pretty horny number, but look for yourself !! Kiss, sari.

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On the cruise ship, I initially had a hard time finding my way around. Since I actually land in the wrong cabin and when I see a "treat" lying naked on the bed, I could not help it and I have carefully placed next to it and fumbled something. Quickly, I see what a crazy guy the guy brings and as I'm still considering if I can get this thrashing in me, run the splendor latte already the pleasure drops from the hole. Somehow I got the thing then reinbekommen in me and I just had to rotate carefully that it comes to me violently. Hope the little one is not too disappointed that I came so fast, but I also milked out the sauce.

Actually, I wanted to go to bed in the kitchen to take a little bedding. But when I come in the door I see my roommate as he makes a fumble. So I think, I'll show him how to do it right and incidentally I get my portion of protein before going to bed. So I have made his big cock and milked him nice. Sometimes has advantages such a roommate.