User taken captive and fucked ... (Kleine-Pflaume)

So now you're on, you're my prisoner and will not defend yourself with what I intended to do with you. Sit down first on the chair and quietly hold first I grab your penis out and have a go of it. Mmmhhh tastes quite well your penis, now I'll blow him time until he is hard so that I can ride him with relish. Yes now it is hard I prefer now and sat down on your penis and you'll sit still and do what I want. I'm stuck me your penis in my plum and ride off him yes do you like that? You have no choice before the main thing I like I ride now as long until you give me give your cream I want to feel your cream in my plum ... -If want to support her me Password please do not rate my video equal ;-) -Your Small -Plum

Starring: Kleine-Pflaume
Categories: Blondes, Creampie, Teens
Length: 7:56
Type: FLV


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