Caught by the best friend (Lina-Klein)

Today I have experienced something totally exciting what I have to tell you absolutely! Well, yesterday I had a date with my best friend, - he wanted to lend me his camera (which I love very much from him). Unfortunately, he was rather late and I thought - he may have completely forgotten me and will not come anymore. But, - he still came! However, I did not hear how he got into the apartment because he knows my secret keyhole and knows that he can just take the key when we are dating. Yes and that's how it came from. I lay in my room in my bed and was so absorbed in myself and my body that I did not notice how he came into the room. He decided to just capture the moment and should I tell you something? When I noticed him there sometime with his camera, it somehow totally turned me on as he watched me and filmed. I did not think I would ever get used to being watched. Thank you so much for that. Kiss your Lina

Starring: Lina-Klein
Categories: Booty, POV, Teens
Length: 8:38
Type: FLV


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