Surprised by the craftsman! It does not work! (EmelieMai)

Today is such a nice weather. That's when I thought I'd show you my garden. Of course not only that. Maybe we can have some fun together. Well, but first everything is always different and second than you think. Unaware, I go through a large empty room in the garden when I am suddenly startled by a loud noise. Upsi .. So, that we have a craftsman in the house, nobody told me. And I stand there so stupid with my towel in front of him and stammer something together. Oh, that was embarrassing. But he probably did not think so. As soon as I turn my back on him and go away, he comes after me and just pulls my towel away. Hello is it still ?? That is really brazen! But somehow too .. and courage must be rewarded and his work anyway, right? I kneel down from him and the fun can begin. This is certainly his best working day in a long time.

Starring: EmelieMai
Categories: Facials, POV, Teens
Length: 7:53
Type: FLV


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