Cabins ACTION !!! plus sperm walk bet !!! Part 2 (ChristyLey)

It goes on;) while we sucked his hard cock even hotter, we go one step further;) finally it was about a bet .. Of course we also wanted to have a lot of sperm. Our pussies got so hot that we really wanted to be fucked !!! What an exciting horny kick for three. He stuck his cock really deep into us and drove it in the tightest space, it was pretty cool, so we had to overcome not groaning loudly ...;) Well, that's what I call a brisk action three in the cabin; )) at the end we finally got all his sperm juice out when he came to cum shortly before. We have our babes ready to eat and got the full facial load. Ohjaaaa ... bad cum for us. ;)) I never would have thought that my shy friend Amelie had actually won the bet;) very nice bitch: P --- and so we proudly walk out of the shop with our sperm faces without showing it ;): D what a sperm walk !! If you think it's so cool, then take a look;)

Starring: ChristyLey
Categories: Cunnilingus, Facials, Threesome
Length: 11:37
Type: FLV


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