In the middle of the room I lie between all the guys with their thick tails, tied up on the dining table. They stuffed my mouth so that I wouldn't roar so loudly. My feet are also attached to two chairs. Around me are the cocks and can use the buffet all inclusive. And they do that too. Without scruples and without inhibitions. The absolute conditions for this mass meeting was that each of the participants took at least two weeks of important break. Because I just want to see the cum fly like this! I want to be completely sucked in. It makes me incredibly horny. The more cum and the more cocks, the more my cunt drips. That's the way it is in my life! I am a screwed bitch and I let almost everyone wank and fuck me. One after the other, I jerked off and sprayed so much cum that the whole latex suit was so greased that you could hardly see it. Everywhere the hot mucus drips and drips down my body. A thick cock is deep in my pussy and fucks me in the 7th sperm heaven. OMG was awesome! I wanted to scream out of sheer lust.

Starring: Alexandra-Wett
Categories: Bondage, Extreme Hardcore, Gangbang
Length: 5:25
Type: FLV


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