I'm with friends in the pool and then we noticed directly the lifeguard. He is really sweet and a collective giggle goes through our girls round as soon as he is in our area. When I want to get a quick drink, I accidentally run into his arms. Oops, embarrassing, but he takes it with humor and we start talking. I'm a bit nervous, especially because I realize that my girlfriends have gathered at the edge of the pool and watch us ... He also notices and before I say goodbye he whispers to me: "in 10 minutes at the cabins?" I'm gone and torn, but finally I run out under the pretext of quickly having to go to the bathroom. There he stands. We scurry quickly into a cabin that seems to be occupied again, apparently still occupied. But we do not care, we quickly close the door. I look at him and then everything happens very fast!

The tension rises, I'm sitting on the bed of a good friend and work colleagues and wait until he comes home. I've already heard that it was really stressful for him at work today and I thought maybe I could relax him a bit. When he comes in, I look at him with wide eyes and immediately go to work on his pants. Before he can say anything I'm already on my knees. In the beginning, I was really not sure if I should really do more with him. That he sees me naked for the first time okay, but equal sex? But as I kneel on the ground and realize how he is getting harder and harder, I throw all doubts and good intentions overboard! I kneel on bed and ask him to fuck me!

Oh well ... I lost a bet against my buddy and the mission was that I should cook something for him .. Well, just thinks probably each of you just, but unfortunately I am meeega talent free at the stove and it happened of course what had to happen - It's burning .. Well, well, I guess not expected otherwise from me. Nevertheless, it made me really angry inside because I already had powerful cabbage steam and would like to have something nice warm in my stomach, because he hears me complaining, comes to the kitchen and I finally get my warm "meal";)

My first time in front of the camera and caught directly! It's sooooo warm outside. Do you know that you get horny in the weather automatically? I certainly already. I could not think of anything else the whole day at work. My buddy picked me up from work because we want to go to town right now. He is still taking a quick shower. The time I could actually use .. and if he caught me? Hm no matter I MUST! I turn on the camera for you and go. Unfortunately, exactly what had not arrived should .. he has caught me full pot :(