My very first Southern European Usercock! I cannot even remember if he was Portuguese, Spanish, or Greek?? I have no idea anymore :O!! But one thing I know for sure: It was one of my most badass experiences to fuck a Southern European User :O! The way he approached and fucked me - I would never have expected it like that!! And if that isn’t even already, he tied his cock and balls O.o ! This way they grow even bigger then they were initially already !!! And his load he jizzed into my face at the end - OMG!!

This user was just 18 years young :O!! Even younger than I am O.o!!! I never expected to find someone like him - but he didn’t either as he was pretty nervous. He didn’t seem to have Sex too often but that wasn’t a problem for me at all ;). I love showing guys how to really fuck :)!!! And in the future he now knows how a man has to do it…

Hey my Slave! Did you waited for this? This fetish video is for everyone, who wanted to see me in the role of a Dominatrix for a long time already! Do you want to know how it is to be dominated by me and Bonny Devil? You will see how I struck my first slave with a crop, handcuffed him to a cross and you won’t believe what we’ve done to him then… !

Did I really just did that?! I let a random guy fuck me for some money again but this time at my own home! As he spend some serious money on me I agreed on fucking him bareback :O!! Still: Am I such a bitch letting other people fuck me bare just for money? Seems so, and as a little present he left me with a nice and hot Creampie *gg* :*