My parents are visiting friends and they brought their son. He is a bit older than me, but we know each other well and he is always very nice. I do not want to ask him right away if he would help me with the shooting, that's **** of embarrassing for me, but I can try to let him on it's own. Everyone is sitting in the living room talking, the perfect opportunity! I wave him over and show him the camera. Somewhat surprised, he holds it in his hand and looks at me questioningly. I quickly explain that it belongs to my best friend and I borrowed it for a very important project where he would have to help me. Nice as he is, he says to me directly and I explain to him that I go to my room now and prepare everything and he should then just come to the same. So far so good, my heart beats incredibly fast and I'm so excited! What if he says "no" ?? !! Too late, the door opens and he comes in ...

Do you know what is today for a day? No? Well today is the day when I take off my clothes for the first time in front of a camera and have SEX! Can you imagine how excited I am? For a long time I did not really dare, but today comes a good friend and helps me overcome my fear, I have inaugurated him in everything, because I already thought that he can certainly help me. While I'm preparing everything, I'm a bit queasy, but I've been feverishly looking forward to it for so long and I'm so happy, it can finally start! So down with the clothes and what can I say that it is so great I would not have expected in my first sex in front of the camera. I hope you like it, kisses

Imagine that you are at this party to which your new sweet colleague has invited you. You just want to grab a drink at the bar when the bartender sends you to the first floor with the words, "The hostess wants to see you first." As you enter the room, not only are you instantly speechless, you also can not believe what is happening there. Your sweet colleague sits in the middle of the room and receives you with a presentation that you would not have imagined in your nastiest dreams. Your mind is still in doubt about what your eyes are seeing - until the moment it asks you that question. How would you have behaved?

This filming partner already has a good cannon, but we had a date for a pussy rotation ... In the middle of shooting while fucking the rascal asks brazenly for anal sex with me. The camera was running and I thought about it for a moment. Luckily I still had Gleitgel handy! Okay! Let's try it! But his cock was really a challenge. Nevertheless, I got him completely in the back pure and the rotation partner has not gotten to joy! That's how it should be! :)

I really did not think that after our last meeting we could still put one on it !! BUT ONE CAN! And I have to say quite honestly that this time it really blew everything up for me. OUCH! I knew that I was close, but honestly ... That what he did there, was no longer normal! So blatant, it hurt sooooo violently ... But strangely, I had the whole time so awesome feeling. I was more than filled and thanks to his two, now probably best friends, this was a real D .... orgy! EXTREMELY cool I can only say! However, I will probably have to walk a few days legs apart now! Phew .....

Oh man, I've probably built the crap. As chief secretary, I was responsible for making sure everything was prepared for the job interview. And I had really missed it completely. No drinks, no application folders, nothing at all. And my boss is totally freaked out. The first applicant who was already there did not know how it happened when my boss suddenly said I should "take care" of him. He actually condemned me to blow the young guy's cock. Not that I despise a good blowjob, but the lad was only just 18 and wanted a job. My boss mean I have something to do well. Okay, of course I do what my boss says. How the story goes on? You should not miss that, because it's worth it !!!

When it gets colder outside, only showering hot helps! I enjoy the hot relaxation and lather up really nice. There is a knock on the door, but now is Fiona time and I only respond with a clear "NO". A bit of privacy you may have in a shared flat. Deep in thought, I continue to shower. Only when I'm done and take my towel, I notice that my roommate the tensioner observed me. How long has he been there? Also, no matter, now he knows me naked so well. I'm clearing the way for him because he apparently wants to take a shower too. He does not let me pass and just rips my towel away! Well, then I'll just take a shower again! Even if I'm eingesaut again afterwards ????

I always wanted to have such a great combination! Sven and Mark both claimed that they have 22cm in their pants! Geiler coincidence, I thought to myself and therefore I did not want to miss this! The evening was still young and we all so horny that we had to let it crack. It was just too cool to be true! Of course, the best came twice in the end! I really can not get enough of sperm !!

What crazy idea was that? To rub my pussy during sex on the clitoris and on my pussy. I had really only the full panic, but somehow it was also cool and fucking it was getting hotter, but I was always horny and then came mega. What a "fiery experience" - before I had already blown horny and I would be pretty anal worried. I think I'll try that again - or what do you think?