Hello, I wanted to say that I dared! I'm so excited and could not think about anything else the whole day. At work, I even got a tray down, that was a little embarrassing ... I really thought that everyone has to look at what I'm going to do at home. The thought that one or the other actually sees it right now makes my nervousness soar. On the way home, I do not know if I hurry, or rather go slowly. I'm really looking forward to it, but this is my first time and I'm so shy, which really annoys me because it's also fun. But I promise you, I will practice a lot for you! I hope you like it :).

Was booked for my company for a training of the staff in the hotel. Had to hold a presentation on Internet advertising, while I ran in the hotel staircase Jörg on the way. Jörg recognized me immediately and spoke to me unrestrained. Melly Bunny bitch? hot! A user? He has already seen my films. Has he already waxed on me? Immediately I was horny and curious. I invited him to my hotel room. Already on the way there he grabbed my ass, so that I could not help it and had to blow his cock on the public hotel corridor. What a hammer part! I wanted to feel it! Now! Immediately! In the room he asks me for a condom, but I had not expected on my training at all with a fuck. I was so horny to be fucked by a fan and user that I did not care! First he has nicely licked my wet pussy and then fucked me right through the whole room, before he sprayed his whole hot hot juice deep into my cunt. Ohhh what a cool feeling, as the juice ran out and ran over my ass. Wiederholungsgefahr !!

FUCK !!!!!! I thought for years I already knew everything and I was sure, the last action of mine could not beat anything !!! AAABER BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had to give it a try. The Neurgeier was way too big to ever experience DIES! Honestly, I had to really overcome myself, because I was really afraid that it could be even more intense! My fear was definitely justified! Tears were in my eyes and I was completely beside the track !! I did not have the words! I'm soooo embarrassed ... Hopefully nobody really sees that I personally know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! Now I need a headache tablet !!

A friend from the university has a pretty big mouth. He told me that no woman has yet managed to juicify him within 5 minutes. Since I can only turn my eyes and invite him to my home. Today is the day when I take the challenge. I only expect him in panties, so he ever loses his mind when I get in. When he lies in front of me and I work on his cock, I first realize how big the flap of this macho really is. I have to stop in between, so he does not spray immediately. I'm really against the grain, he should inject when I want it. Because he can not take it anymore, I deliver it and get all his cream after less than 5 minutes. That's what I call a quick-fire alarm ... He will not dare to open his mouth again that fast. ????

I told my best friend! I really did think he was stupid, but quite the opposite, he thinks it's really good and offered me his help right away. Fortunately, he is a hobby photographer and has already lent me one of his cameras on my first videos, but he still thought I was going to do a project for my education. I'm really excited. I've never done anything with him and I'm not sure if it all works out. But then it rings at the door and everything is almost as usual, except that he holds a camera in his hand ... Phew but that's fast. But now do not show and quickly out the pants, then it starts already. Unfortunately, I'm still pretty nervous, but that will always be better. I hope you liked it. Greetings Lina

He could have gone to so many people to spend the night there after the argument with Lisa. His best friend lives only one street further and still he was yesterday at my front door. Can you imagine what that means? I knew immediately that he wants to fuck me this time. But right after the fight would have been stupid. Oh man! I was just a couple of meters all night in my room totally horny and was about to just go over to let me fuck him. When I stood in the morning in the bathroom, I could barely think of anything else and suddenly it happened! Fuck! Do I have to confess to Lisa that I had reconciliation sex with her boyfriend?

I know, it took a little bit longer, but I finally got married and of course I want to let you participate. Before work, I thought that today is the day, today I'm afraid and yes, what can I say, I've done it and would never have thought of myself, that I get it. When I was done, I barely dared to watch the video, somehow it made me a little uncomfortable to see myself like that, but then I was seeing, but I was also a bit proud of my first "real" movie. I know, I have to practice a lot and I also want to try a lot, but I hope you like it. Kuss Holly

That ass! I never thought he was doing this to me. My roommate laid a "girlfriend" of mine when she was waiting for us in our apartment. How can you be so ruthless ??? She does not surprise me, but I would not have believed him that. I will not let it sit on me and pay him home. Today his best friend is visiting. I have arranged for my roommate to be stopped at the university and at the same time welcome his best friend. I lure him into the room with my roommate. The bag had ever asked me if he can even turn with me. Well, he can have! We film everything beautifully and I look forward to a branch as I send it to my roommate. I would like to see his stupid face now!