Oh Shit !!! Crack in the crotch of my leggings !!! (Skylabitch)


The fabric of my new leggings was just too thin, with which I was walking outside, otherwise only my black leather jacket and a pink Stringtanga under it. I had bent down a few times to wipe dirt from my shoes and was also a little through the wind from my cold. I also felt a little airy between my legs until a guy spoke to me that I was open between my legs. Oh no, how embarrassing, the guy found it but horny and took the occasion to make me small bitch direct to persuade him to stretch his legs wide. Since I found the situation somehow also cool, I thought, I blow the guy just one and swallow his cock away and then let me quickly through his trunk. Told done, only swallow deeply the tail, then I have durchficken from the front and back blank without rubber. Of course, the guy wanted to inject into my Bitchface, he wixxt his whole sack in the face and then the Wixxe runs on my black leather jacket, but with something like a sperm lamp like I just have to live. Was still a horny fuck. What do you think I can wear the legging so times?

Starring: Skylabitch
Categories: Blondes, Outdoor Sex, Stockings
Length: 6:11
Type: FLV


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