My crudest Quickie - Fucked by the pizza delivery (Lara-CumKitten)

I'm meeting with my new friend and I ordered pizza for us. When it rings at the door, I open horny in sexy lingerie. Embarrassing - in front of me is the pizza guy !!! He noted that I do not have enough extra money and puts me immediately in front of a choice: either I let myself from him fuck for pizza or he goes back. Since I have my friend what promised delicious to eat and I do not want to mess the Date, I let myself cool and willingly abficken of the pizza boy! My nipples are stiff with excitement as he takes me on the table and I'm screaming orgasm. I blow off his stiff cock and begging for his hot cum until he sprayed me everything in the face. Wow so a stark Quickie I had never!

Starring: Lara-CumKitten
Categories: Blonds, Extreme Hardcore, Facials
Length: 7:27
Type: FLV


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