SCANDAL! Neighbor fucks me by the pool (sexyRia)

Why does this always happen to me? While Mom was cooking the food next door and I was sitting naked at the edge of the pool, I noticed how our neighbor, who was invited to dinner with us, brazenly watched me. Curious as I am, I hopped into the water and swam over to him, his provocative glances made me so horny that I wanted to know how far he would go so I got out of the pool, splinter naked and went to him over. And that was exactly what I was fated to do. Of course he could not keep his hands off me and it became extremely wild. I hope mom had nothing to get with and not seen the sperm on my face .... that would be very embarrassing.

Starring: sexyRia
Categories: Anal, Close Ups, Outdoor Sex
Length: 9:01
Type: FLV


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