Neighbour's boy (19) caught peeping! (MaryHaze)

He certainly didn't expect that! I had already noticed that the neighbour's boy thinks I'm super hot, just by the way he glanced at me and became embarrassed when I saw it! He was always too shy to talk to me. So I would've never expected him to do something like that! Totally bold he was eyeing me sunbathing in my garden! When I caught him, he was extremely embarrassed and he thought, that he's going to be in sooo much trouble now and that I'll definitely tell his mum! But he probably doesn't seem to know me yet - I can't say no to such a sweet young cock! He doesn't really know what to expect when I tell him to lie down ... I think his cock is actually aware of the situation faster than his brain! Would you have joined me in my backyard?

Starring: MaryHaze
Categories: Outdoor Sex, POV, Teens
Length: 7:48
Type: FLV


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