How me (20) zerfickte a giant cucumber (yolo-girl)

Was that too hard? I came from shopping and this huge cucumber turned me on. And I say to you: Above all, she was really THICK! My little pussy is pretty tight ... But my lust was bigger: Does this giant cucumber in my tight hole? Said and done. You can tell by my face how borderline the giant cucumber-in-the-tight-pussy attempt was. Krass, what that looks like when this big thing keeps slipping in and out. How the little hole slowly and slowly contracts. This extreme penetration has been the most intense and biggest thing I've ever had. I hope there are no stretch marks - HAHA! Does that make you look like me? Rrrrrrr. Damn, I'm really untervögelt.

Starring: yolo-girl
Categories: Objects Insertion, Rough sex, Teens
Length: 6:00
Type: FLV


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