Condom blown up! Am I pregnant now? (Laila-Banx)

I have been working as a babysitter for a very long time with this family and over time, my salary was too little, so I started to make phone sex on the side. So this evening, but when I had hot phone sex, the man suddenly came home because he has forgotten his wallet. He caught me, of course, and was pretty angry because of that. If he tells his wife, I'll get rid of my part-time job. But I knew exactly how I can silence him, because against a hot fuck there is nothing wrong if the woman is not there. So I sucked him the strap really hard and then gave him a condom, because I take no pill. He fucked me really horny pussy and I came violently through his deep bumps. When he came then and pulled his cock out of my pussy, he noticed that the condom had burst and his cum is now floating deep in my cunt. He did not seem to care, because he put the condom on my ass and while I dripped the sperm out of the cunt, he went away again. sex

Starring: Laila-Banx
Categories: Clothing, Creampie, Teens
Length: 5:44
Type: FLV


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