Cum Shower Public Swimmingpool Town Centre (MellyBunnyLuder)

After swimming, I like to have a warm shower. Logically, the chlorine water needs to be removed from the skin. However, what was raining "down" on me that day, I had not really expected that. Nice hot cum over the tits and belly! After swimming in the locker room, I had to fuck. I do not know if it was the swimming pool or the fact that I had never fucked in a locker room before. But the situation made me totally hot. As he slid into my pussy I was allowed to make no sound. Well, I tried! Imagine you experience a totally intense cool feeling and you have to totally control yourself. That's really hard! Can not scream your lust. Oh men was that cool that I was allowed to experience that. Now I can have a say with my girlfriends, what it feels like to feel a cock, but not sream out. Wow

Starring: MellyBunnyLuder
Categories: Booty, POV, Public
Length: 4:21
Type: FLV


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