Oh dear ... The first time come in me! (Anne-Eden)


Oh God, what should I wear? Immediately I meet with my blind date, which has arranged my girlfriend for me. Oh dear ... I'm so excited, I've never had a blind date. Before I meet with the mysterious unknown, but some preparations must be made, hihii. I walk to the nearest drugstore and buy condoms, how embarrassing ... a little ashamed, I quickly leave the store. I tidy up my apartment and put the condoms in the closet next to my bed, put in the keys and run. We want to meet in my favorite Park Park. Every step I take, every step that brings me closer to the park is harder for me. I'm so nervous ... oh god, I can already see him sitting on the bench waiting for me. It feels like my first time ... but it's really going to be a first time for me so I really did not expect that ...

Starring: Anne-Eden
Categories: Booty, POV, Teens
Length: 8:04
Type: FLV


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